Double-head cutting saw safety procedure

Double-head cutting saw safety procedure
In order to ensure the safety of person and equipment, the operation procedure must be strictly carried out.
Pre-boot preparation :
1、 Clean up the maintenance machine, before turning on, must be cleaned and lubricated by all the sports and guides.
2、 Equipment before use to check whether the gas source triplet state is normal, observe whether the oil mist in lubricating oil to meet minimum fuel supply line above, such as insufficient shall promptly added 32 # machine oil; Clean up the water in the discharge water purifier, the gas source triplets should be cleaned every three months, especially the water cup, the filter core and so on. Note: it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the triplets by air pressure and avoid harming or damaging the equipment. Oil mist should be controlled at 1-2 drops per minute.
3、Check the addition of the blade cooling or lubricant. (cooling fluid types: ①. 5-7 # machine oil + 70% kerosene to reconcile. ②. The special metal cutting fluid. To ensure the normal use and cutting effect, it is forbidden to use water to do coolant.)
Operation and safety :
1、 The speed of the saw head should be adjusted according to the thickness of the section and the size of the end face.
2、 Select the proper profile plane as the datum, and attach to the equipment’s countertop.
3、 The profile pressure is accurate. If meet special shape profile, should customize the material under the section material to be installed, the auxiliary position to the section material, in order to ensure the accuracy of the material.
4、When the cutting Angle of the machine is changed, it is necessary to observe whether the saw blade and the compacting device interferes. The Angle handle must be tightened when the Angle is adjusted.
5、 Adequate spray cooling must be performed during the cutting process.
6、 The cutting process should not be too small for the head of the material, so as not to fall into the saw blade, the cutting saw blade.