Marketing is a psychological war, not a product war!

“Coke” or “Pepsi”?

This may be a matter of opinion, everyone may be different tastes or brand preferences, for most people, it is difficult to answer this question. So what if it’s a “carvings coke” or “old dry mom coke”? Which is better than “Coca-Cola” and “Pepsi”? You may frown and ask: can you drink this cola? A coke of washing powder? Cola with chili sauce? How is that?

Isn’t that interesting? How do you know the “carvings coke” or “old mummy coke” are not good to drink? How do you decide if the carvings are the smell of washing powder? What if the old dry mother should be the flavor of chili sauce? Even if it’s possible you’ve done a good job of drinking it, most consumers simply don’t think it’s going to be good.

Marketing is a psychological war, not a product war ,a lot of times, your product doesn’t sell out, you have to let the customer “feel” your product to be able to pay for it. All marketers are struggling with the word “feel” embedded in the consumer’s mind. 

You might think that as long as my product has “hard power”, it will definitely get a place in the word of mouth. Product good of course is a basic skill, strong marketing personnel cannot for a real bad product endorsement, bad products with strong marketing solutions, can get at most of the early attention, after strong interest into reverse marketing instead of as a result, the focus on the bad. But most of the time, not hard power in the market, the current market, product homogeneity serious, although there are cases of word of mouth can live alone, but unfortunately, this brand is really few and far between. Most of the time, your product doesn’t even have by chance to try, can’t wait until enough people come into being effect of word of mouth, brands have disappeared from public view.

Some people think that as long as you know that there are enough people in my brand, that’s enough. But it’s not enough: fame doesn’t mean everything.

Don’t let the brand disappear in the line of sight of consumers when an old brand will only say, think that year (or) as a child we all grew up eating (or with) XXX, this means that the brand is goodbye. If the brand hasn’t disappeared from the public eye, there will be no such thing as “thinking”.

You know this is an age of information explosion, the consumer to accept different information from all directions every day, only rely on the old high-profile, doesn’t mean you can always live in the consumers’ mind. A talented person from jiangshan dynasty, any brand that loses the attention of young people, represents a loss of the future. The consumer may really know your brand, but the reality is that you have lost your preferred position. No one ever talks about you, it’s hard to see you anywhere. It’s a matter of time before you forget.

Forgotten old brand, more is not keep up with the footsteps of consumers, for example, consumers only stared at mobile phone every day, but you still remember that year on television advertising of jiangshan; All are already using the network shopping, but you only know that negotiations for good shops along the street or supermarket display gold position, electricity, seems to be with you in this life it doesn’t matter; Everyone is paying for mobile, and your store insists on using only cash or credit CARDS. If you are the average consumer and want to be wayward, if you are responsible for the life and death of a brand, your willfulness is meaningless.
Knowledgeable about their own professional, but their indifference to the transition of the consumers understand only research in the field of professional knowledge, do not represent can survive well. You spend your time staring at the consumer. The transition from Life Style to communication mode is a step by step.

Do not want to disappear in the sight of consumer, besides fame, need to have distinctive brand personality more. When the consumer thinks of you, you can immediately see a clear description of the brand, and you will be able to capture the level of the consumer. When it comes to your brand, consumers don’t remember it, it’s just blurring, and you’re almost out of your mind.

The brand’s personality is formed over the years. Everything you do will affect the brand in the consumers’ mind make experience, from the name (or stores), font design, packaging design, advertising, spokesperson, copywriting, the content of the graphic information, even the shop assistant looks like… It’s all about the consumer’s judgment about the brand’s personality and how much he likes the brand. More often, the formation of brand personality is the judgment of consumer sensibility, not the function of pure reason. After all, it was a psychological battle.

Before, we have a skin care products customers do with a Blind Test (Blind Test), we found four different market price maintain article, from the market price of 600 yuan to the market price of 80 yuan, 1 is the European and American brands, 1 is a Japanese brand, two is the supermarket brand (including customer goods), put them in four marked with S/Q/P/N in the container, do not inform which brand where a container, let 100 consumers back to use in the home, after 1 month, comparing its using results. The result: the most expensive European and American brands are the last! Then all of us were boiling! “No more!” This brand is not bought any of the goods! From cosmetics to maintenance to perfume! Don’t say that the brand doesn’t buy, and any advertising brand that looks big in the future doesn’t buy it! It’s cheating on the public.

Do you think it’s over? You must be a boy, a very rational thinking boy. Unfortunately, not every girl has an indelible sense of rationality. The refuse to buy, not more than three months before and after, you still have in return for all kinds of European and American brands on the tall, some of them tested at the time the big! All the men who have helped the investigation can’t believe their eyes: are you all crazy? Not a promise? Doesn’t the survey prove that the brand is the last one?

Each girls all prevaricated, have their explanation of the reasons, such as: “the brand out of the new products recently, composition, effect should be different” “yesterday, after the shop, just on sale”, “the supermarket brand packaging really ugly, can’t see anymore”…

The subtext of this group of women is very simple: his identity is must with these big brand photograph echo, as with any product features, rational reason has nothing to do.

Do you think they’re shallow? Wrong! Their behavior patterns are a symptom of what the average person might be aware of: that everyone is looking for a brand that matches their own identity. The more powerful product features, often the “feeling threshold” in the consumer’s mind, does not capture the market share. When consumers “feel good” about your brand, they represent the brand in the consumer’s mind.

In the consumers’ mind has the status of brand, to obtain the life extension in simple terms, each brand in the consumers’ mind naturally have a measuring ruler, who account for the higher up, the higher the awareness of natural, obtain the higher the likelihood of purchase. At the same time, the likelihood of being extended to other goods is higher.

Consumers of course also have their own unfamiliar and uncertain brands and category, such as: seven holes pillow, latex pillow, memory pillow, down pillow, lavender pillow… Which is the best? At this point, searching the web is certainly the best solution, but most consumers don’t do it, and they do it on their own. It’s not clear what the latex pillow is doing, but if he “thinks” the latex pillow seems to be a high-tech product, and the price is reasonable, he will pay for it. If you think that only a commodity that is low in price, consumers will be able to buy it, then you are wrong! Even with the purchase of a famous car, many people will pay attention to the brand of the famous car first, buying a house or whether the property developer feels good about it… He will spend time collecting more data, but the “feeling threshold” in his mind will never go away.

I have been responsible for an international brand of facial cleanser for many years, the same product, in different parts of the world, the market share is very different. There are many factors that influence the success of a brand, such as pricing, display, channel, advertising, competitive environment… The key to the final showdown, is essential for all of the above brand behavior of brand experience, created by degree of formation of the brand impression in the consumers’ mind, if they feel you are a trustworthy brand, get twice the result with half the effort to do anything, on the contrary, if can’t occupy the advantageous status in the consumers’ mind, propaganda, again big effort is a waste.

Keeping up with the pace of consumer change is the key to brand success across the consumer’s mind.