High speed milling processing “omnipotent”, the electric spark processing still use?

Several years ago, the mold industry in high speed milling can replace the voice of the electrical discharge machining, cause some factory boss appear irrational choice when investment in equipment. In fact, the factory should be able to understand the pros and cons of these two technologies, and choose the right equipment according to its own processing requirements, and avoid following suit and blindly follow suit.

1. Can the development of high-speed machining replace electrical spark machining?

It can be said that electrical spark machining and high speed milling are two main forces of mould forming process. With the rapid development of high-speed milling technology, can the development trend replace the electric spark processing?

Objectively, high speed milling machining technology is not everything, it results from the weakness of traditional milling and electrical discharge machining technology, its mature development gradually expanded its application field, but due to the restriction of the milling mode itself characteristic, it is no substitute for electrical discharge machining in the mold processing. This is an analysis and introduction of the actual manufacturing experience.

2. The advantages and applications of electro discharge machining

In a nutshell, the advantages of edm is mainly reflected in the processing, readjust the slit in the processing of clear Angle, clear edge processing, subtle and complex, precision machining, deep cavity machining and so on, and superhard materials processing, these are the high speed milling processing capacity lack. It is known that the electric spark processing possesses an absolute advantage in the precision mould manufacturing.

With the rapid development of high speed milling technology, coarse, medium type of electrical discharge machining demand decreased significantly, but in the face of challenge, electrical discharge machining combined with advanced numerical control technology, the progress of technology makes the process indexes can reach the high level, to gain high precision micro cavity edge edges, can obtain the Ra value is less than 0.1 microns mirror finishing effect. It also extends the application scope of electric spark machining.

For precision small cavity, narrow seam, groove, corner and so on, the electric spark processing should be the first choice. The processing of complex shape parts, especially when the tool is difficult enough to reach the complex surface, the electric spark processing has its meaning. In areas where deep cuts are needed, where there is an especially high path, it is more specific to avoid the application of high-speed milling; For high technology parts processing, general machining electrode programming time is shorter than the time of high-speed milling machining, in more complex processing applications, this difference became more obvious; Where it is required to be made of electric spark, the electric spark machining is used to provide the surface of the fire pattern.

It is worth noting that there is a lot of processing, which theoretically can be done by high-speed milling. But in fact, due to the high cost of micro cutting tools required, milling the risk of high hardness of the steel, it is better to use edm, milling finish copper electrode, easily realize the foreseeable effect of electro discharge machining.

3. The advantages and applications of high speed milling

High speed milling cutter adopts path, high speed, small cycle feeding, greatly improve production efficiency and machining precision, at the same time because of the low milling force, to reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece, the milling depth is small, and feed faster, so the processing surface roughness is small.

High speed milling is suitable for most die processing. In die processing, high speed milling can process the hardened steel parts of 60HRC. As a result, high speed milling allows for further machining after heat treatment, making the process of mould manufacturing greatly simplified. Traditional machining process is: the appearance of rough machining and rough milling cavity to heat treatment, machining, electrical discharge machining cavity shape – fitter fine polishing the mold – surface strengthening treatment. Adopts high speed machining process is: after the appearance of rough machining and heat treatment to shape and finishing high-speed milling cavity, surface strengthening processing, can dispense electric machining (relatively), manual grinding process, shorten the process routes, thus greatly improve the machining productivity.

In general, the machining of large amount of removal should be used as high speed milling to replace the electric spark machining. When the tool is easily accessible to the workpiece, the processing parts are open, and the long diameter is suitable for high-speed milling.

In fact, high speed milling is very suitable for the manufacture of electrodes. The traditional milling electrode should be polished by hand, and the difference of conformance can affect the quality of electric spark machining. The electrode of high speed milling is almost perfect without manual polishing, rough machining and machining electrode. At the same time, high speed milling can process thin wall, the shape is more complicated electrode.

But the high-speed milling, no matter how to develop, restricted by its mechanism, even with rotating five-axis machining tool, still can’t processing the clearance Angle shape, for deep cavity narrow slot, caused by a lack of cutting tool rigidity, the effect is not too ideal.

4. The fusion development of spark and high-speed milling

At the rapid development of high speed milling, the development space of electric spark machining has been squeezed. At the same time, high speed milling also brings greater technological progress to electric spark machining. Using high speed milling to make electrodes, the design of electrodes is greatly reduced due to the realization of small area processing and high quality surface results. Also make the electrode with high speed milling can also make the production efficiency to a new level, the electrode of high precision, and can guarantee that make electrical discharge machining precision is also improved. If most of the processing of the cavity is finished by high speed milling, the electric spark processing only serves as an auxiliary means to clear the edge of the horn, so that the amount is more uniform and less.

 Electrical discharge machining and the development of high speed milling is harmonious, complementary to each other, the development of high-speed milling technology promoted the development of the electric spark machining technology, but also provides a new momentum for its. They have an irreplaceable role, and both should be avoided. The combination of these two technologies can provide the perfect processing plan for the manufacture of high precision molds.