Five requirements for heat treatment of aluminum door and window equipment

Heat treatment is the important process of aluminum door and window equipment in processing, what are the requirements in heat treatment?

1) check before heat treatment of aluminum doors and Windows equipment heat treatment equipment, auxiliary equipment, instrument and other eligibility and normal, in all parts of the furnace temperature difference is in the specified range (+ / – 5 ℃)

2)The equipment of aluminium and Windows should be blown or washed, and there should be no oil pollution, stolen goods and bricks, and the alloy plate number should not be confused.

3) castings should be placed in a special chassis or bracket, not allowed for dangling cantilevers.

4)The single-cast or auxiliary casting test bars that check the performance of aluminum doors and Windows should be heat-treated with the parts to determine the performance of the castings.

5) during the heat preservation, the temperature should be checked at any time during the heat preservation, and the temperature of the aluminum door and window equipment shall be corrected to prevent local heat or burn.