Aluminum door and window equipment is an important processing machine in the construction industry

Aluminum doors and Windows equipment as an important organic component of the building, has been widely accepted by the people, whether the statistics, China’s completion of Windows and doors curtain wall area every year in more than 15 million square meters, the specifications of the products increased, block times continuously improve, strengthen gradually, the technical content, it should be said Windows and doors curtain wall industry brought new meteorological to construction.

The development of aluminum door and window equipment industry in China:

1, aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall is aluminum and the aluminum extrusion products of a kind of extension products, at present the majority of Chinese aluminum factory into production field of aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall, through the phasing out of the market, some enterprises become the main aluminum doors and Windows and aluminum curtain wall production.

2, with the deep development of architectural decoration industry division of labor, isolated from construction industry, metal processing industry is specialized in aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall in the production of professional enterprise, become the mainstay industry. This kind of enterprise covers the technology development, design, processing and installation of the window curtain wall, from a great extent to the construction area.

3, glass production and processing enterprises are also entered the aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall industry, at the same time there are a number of “storefront processing factory” is active in aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall market. Because this kind of small scale, processing technology, quality, construction installation level is not high, brings the certain effect to the whole industry, however, due to its operating flexibility, to become a complement of the market.

According to the national development planning, the construction industry has become quite a long time in China, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, enterprises need to continuous product improvement and innovation, seek development space and the development of market construction, improve the overall strength, allied joint development, take advantage of lower cost, a further expansion of foreign market space.