The energy-saving of aluminum door and window equipment has aroused wide concern

With the introduction and implementation of the standard of aluminum doors and Windows in our country, the equipment of aluminum doors and Windows is becoming more and more popular in the market. Real estate developers around the positive response of aluminum doors and Windows equipment, in order to achieve the social and economic benefits of energy saving building a win-win situation, according to incomplete statistics, type of equipments in the aluminium Windows and doors Windows and doors of the market share increase rapidly and has accounted for 50% of all doors and Windows market.

In order to minimize the loss of energy in buildings, improve the efficiency of energy use and use energy rationally, improve the building’s comfort level. The national development and reform commission (NDRC) has released a special plan for energy conservation and the medium to long term, which will promote energy conservation in the whole society, and ease the tension and environmental pressures of energy constraints.

Construction of our country is at the peak of the year to build the building area of nearly 2 billion square meters, more than the sum of all developed countries years to build a building area of, but can not be ignored is more than 97% of the building is energy-intensive. If this is calculated, the country is expected to have an area of 70 billion square meters by 2020. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to the design of aluminium window and Windows, we will directly aggravate the energy crisis in our country.

At present, more than 40 billion square meters of buildings in our country, more than 90 percent of the buildings are high energy consumption. In energy-guzzling buildings, doors and Windows account for nearly half of the energy consumed. As the people in the industry analysis, the key of aluminium door window equipment is the door window energy saving. Therefore, the use of new aluminum doors and Windows equipment, and retrofit of existing aluminum doors and Windows equipment, is the objective requirement of the energy situation in our country, is the inevitable trend of market development.

Policy driven in aluminum Windows and doors equipment, aluminum alloy aluminum doors and Windows equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum-plastic composite doors and Windows and so on a large number of new environmental protection and energy saving products, new products. The development of the aluminum door and Windows devices is huge in terms of economic and social benefits.